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Die-Casting Lai-Yue is an expert in the die casting for zinc parts, we have machines 31 sets, tonnage from 30T, up to 320T Zinc Alloy Hot Chamber Die Casting machine units working together with high technology vacuum system-16 sets, auto thermo-regulator, and robot-taking device. Combine this hi-tech equipments with Lai-Yue .
Industrial Company’s die casting technology, and our team is the best of the best for resolving defects such as porosity, blister, cold strip, or unsaturated material, which may appear in some Zinc Alloy casting products.
We also have three sets of Magnesium Alloy Hot Chamber Die Casting machine with 2 sets of 100 tons and 150 tons respectively working with vacuum pump system, auto thermo-Regulator, auto spraying system, auto taking device and other peripheral equipment. In the future, we also plan to increase new Die Casting machines with the same tonnage or large to expand our production capacity.