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Quick turn-around time, high quality at a fair price, and on time delivery-three phrases that have become so over-used in our industry that we regard them as clichés. But, like all clichés, they do communicate a welcome message. And there is something in all of us that wants to believe our needs will be met, perhaps exceeded. The truth is, though, that you are never in a position to pass judgment on a vendor until he has passed muster with your first order.
Well, we have a better idea. Why not articulate precisely what you want up front, then hold us accountable for exceeding your expectations? We welcome the opportunity and relish the challenge, no matter how demanding your requirements may be.
In business since 1986, we at Lai-Yue boast a sobering 10 years of collective expertise on our team. And there’s not much we can’t do. From precision die casting of zinc, aluminum and magnesium to a wide range of finishing processes, we do it all, we do it in house, and we do it to ISO 9001 standards. In house manufacturing translates into careful supervision and tight control-just what you want in a vendor.
So whether you need engineering consultation, concept-to-production manufacturing, or simply a vendor you can count on to deliver when we say we will, it’s time you trusted the professionals at Lai-Yue Industrial. You’ll be glad you did. You have my word on it.